This project has twelve main contributing organizations (five universities, four research institutes, a professional association and two SMEs in its consortium). There are also third-party participants in seven different countries: two in France, two in Spain, one in The Netherlands, one in the U.K., one in Norway, one in Portugal and one in Italy.

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The REPROSEED research project is divided into six work packages. The first work package coordinates the following four research work packages, each studying one stage of the development and rearing of bivalve larvae, and distributes information among consortium members. The final work package is responsible for the transfer of knowledge to end users in hatcheries, and also covers the organisation of meetings.

In addition, two cross-cutting research topics are relevant to more than one stage of larval development:

  • The search for genes involved in maturation (genomic approach), for a better understanding of its key stages
  • Modification of microbiota in order to improve rearing methods (microbiological approach)