Tinduff hatchery

Located in Brest harbour (France), Tinduff hatchery is experienced in methods of scallop seed production, which it has performed since approximately 1985, but the company would now like to advance to a flow through system, recycling system and mass algal production that will simultaneously reduce costs and improve performances and quality (for food and larvae). The company produces around 4-5 million spat a year. After juveniles reach around 30 mm, they are scattered in marine reserves, to be dredged 3 years later, once they reach a commercial size.

The staff participated in several programs on quality restoration in the bay of Brest (1987-2000) and a programme with Norway (French-Norwegian Foundation 1999-2002).

Tinduff hatchery frequently collaborates with Ifremer and University of Brest (LEMAR) for research and assistance purposes.

Key persons

Jean-Pierre Carval

Jean Pierre Carval (PhD Marine Biology) is director of the hatchery. He has wide experience in hatchery management and recognizes the importance of implementing research to obtain sustainable bivalve production.

Marie-Louise Muzellec

Marie-Louise Muzellec is the Technical Manager of the hatchery. She has worked in the hatchery since 1990, on spawning, larval and spat rearing and algal production.