This SME located in Spain has produced different species of clam and flat oyster since 1983.

It runs two hatcheries in O Grove (the oldest in the region) and Malpica (Galicia, NW Spain), as well as a number of floating rafts to complete the cycle of development and production. The annual production of T-2 size seed is between 100 and 120 million units, which are mainly for national market. It is important to point out the high survival rate (90%) in clam seed.

The company has collaborated with different research institutions, including USC, for years in different research projects focused mainly in the optimization of seed production. In this project, the hatchery will contribute to optimizing larvae production and to searching for a low cost production method that maintains high seed quality.

Key Persons

Mr. Esteban Blanco Veiga

Mr. Esteban Blanco Veiga is Technical Director of the SME. Mr. Blanco has background in managing bivalve hatcheries. For several years he ran a clam and oyster hatchery and nursery and was involved in R&D projects with governmental institutions and Universities. As Technical Director in Ostreira SL he has participated in several autonomous and national projects.