Scalpro AS

Scalpro AS is the only commercial bivalve hatchery in Norway. This SME was established in December 1995 and has focused mainly on producing king scallop and flat oyster, but also has experience in producing Pacific oyster and clams. Yearly production of scallops has been 2-4 million 15-20 mm spat, while the oyster spat production has been marginal. Methods for specific broodstock conditioning regimes have been developed, but need adjustment to provide satisfactory conditioning and spawning management during autumn and winter. Scalpro AS needs to develop sustainable production to increase high quality output and meet the market demand. It has licenses to transfer spat from the hatchery to land- and sea-based nurseries/intermediate culture for growing juveniles. In addition, the company sells algal cultures and R&D services. Scalpro AS has a long record of cooperation with companies and R&D institutes in Norway (i.e. UiB and IMR) and internationally, e.g. with France (French-Norwegian Foundation 1999-2002), and with Ireland and Spain (EU Craft project “SCALQUAL” 1999-2003), in addition to the EU project SETTLE.

1 Tasks attributed

Scalpro AS contributes to work packages WP3 and WP5 as the company is a producer of the target species Pecten maximus. Several techniques will be tried out at their facilities.

2 Key Persons

Erik Hansen

Erik Hansen has been Director of the board since 1998. For several years he ran a scallop sea-ranching farm and was involved in R&D projects with government institutions. As chairman of Scalpro AS, he has participated in several international projects. Mr. Hansen recognizes the importance of implementing research to obtain sustainable bivalve production, and has been an important spokesman for the necessity of performing R&D in production-scaled facilities and locations.

Anne Grete Dale

Anne Grete Dale holds a unique craft certificate having completed her apprenticeship in aquaculture production of scallops. Since 1998, she has gained hands-on experience in the hatchery in spawning, larval and spat rearing and algal production. Moreover, she has been involved in numerous R&D projects where she has been responsible for husbandry and sampling during experimental work. Her expertise will be essential in carrying out the planned experiments. Ms. Dale has international experience from attending a course in shellfish aquaculture at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research (May 2000) and during project work in Ireland within the former EU Craft project SCALQUAL (2001-03).

Thorolf Magnesen

Thorolf Magnesen works as a consultant at Scalpro AS and is also an Associate Professor at Bergen University.