Syndicat des Sélectionneurs Aquacoles et Avicoles Français

This French professional association is a French professional association for selection in aquaculture and poultry farming. SYSAAF employs 7 engineers and 1 veterinarian specialized in the design of selection programs. This staff advises 29 breeding companies, including 5 bivalve hatcheries. SYSAAF represents aquaculture breeders in the EFFAB (European Forum for Farm Animal Breeding, ex FAIP) board and was recently involved in the drafting of the FABRE (Sustainable Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform) vision paper “Sustainable Farm Animal Breeding and reproduction : A vision for 2025”. It is also an observer at the “Fish Technical Committee” of French genomic project on farmed animals AGENAE and was part of the EU funded project AQUABREEDING.

Tasks attributed

SYSAAF will work in close collaboration with research partners to complete objectives such as the listing of companies involved in hatchery business in Europe, making a review of their general practices and activities, presenting the scientific results produced by the project to the hatchery business sector and discussing and identifying the needs for their implementation with these end users.

Key persons

Pierrick Haffray ( email : )

R&D manager of the Fish & Shellfish division of SYSAAF, Pierrick Haffray is a specialist in aquaculture breeding and reproduction. In this project, he will perform all tasks related to the listing of the hatcheries, the survey of their breeding practices, the identification of the main important research results produced by the project and the organization of a 2-day workshop with hatcheries managers and representatives of national and European professional bodies. He will be assisted by Paul Rault, veterinarian at the SYSAAF.