Société ATlantique de MARiculture


SATMAR, which is an abbreviation of “Société ATlantique de MARiculture”, was set up in 1972 and is one of the largest hatcheries in France. Specialized in Pacific oyster and clam production, the company owns 7 production sites in different French coastal areas. SATMAR sells the molluscan spat it produces throughout Europe and in many other countries outside the EU. SATMAR ran a research program over 10 years to perfect the technique of triploid production to provide a reliable supply of C. gigas triploids for French customers. Since 1988, the company has also provided oyster farmers with eyed larvae for remote setting on a very large scale (from 200 million to 600 million per annum, depending on the extent of natural settlement). SATMAR has worked since 1997 to select broodstock with the aim of totally controlling diploid and triploid oyster production quality. The company strives continually to improve rearing conditions and to minimize environmental factors in order to ensure production success. SATMAR systematically carries out testing of new rearing facilities in order to supply the best quality seed to customers in terms of seed health and physiology. SATMAR maintains relationships with the university of Caen and Ifremer for student placements and research purposes.


It is involved in the REPROSEED project in order to interact with the participants, to give the point of view of end users and the last year of the project to implement, at the production scale, some new techniques such as mass algal prodiction, RAS, inducers of spawning and metamorphosis...

Key persons

Blandine DISS

Blandine DISS is the hatchery manager and is also in charge of R&D programs in the company. She joined SATMAR in 1978 after a PhD on bacterial problems in mollusc larvae and has substantial mollusc hatchery and nursery experience.


Emilie VETOIS works in larval production. She is specifically in charge of the surveying the quality and efficiency of algal production.