Universitetet i Bergen

UiB is an abbreviation of “Universitetet i Bergen”. Marine research is a main focus within the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences which consistsof eight departments. The Department of Biology (BIO) is among the largest departments at UiB and embodies research and research based education within a broad spectrum of biological disciplines. BIO features state-of-the-art research infrastructure, including specialized laboratories with high control of environmental parameters for experimental work on marine organisms. BIO has been involved in developing techniques and methods for controlled hatchery production of King scallop seed since the 1980s and major collaborative work has been carried out with the hatchery Scalpro AS. Research issues have covered broodstock conditioning, algal production systems, algal quality, water quality, larval and post-larval rearing strategies, settlement, nursery culture and interactions with rearing environment. UiB is presently the coordinator of the European project Research for SME’s “SETTLE” whose objective is to improve settlement of the flat European oyster and the King scallop.

Tasks attributed

UiB has taken active part in WP3 and WP5 on focusing on recirculating systems for scallop larvae and seed and is the leader of WP3 dealing with the optimization of the production of veliger larvae.

Key persons

Anita Jacobsen ( email : Anita.Jacobsen@bio.uib.no )
Researcher at Department of Biology, University of Bergen. Since 1996, Anita Jacobsen works on aspects within marine microbiology and ecology and aquaculture. Her recent research hasconcentrated on live feed production, with particular focus on algal production, water quality, recirculation systems and probiotics in aquaculture. Jacobsen has a broad national and international experience from several projects. She has been project leader of several past and present national projects funded by the Research Council of Norway, regional County Councils and private industry. She is at present teaching at master level (aquaculture) and has supervised several bachelor’s and master’s students’ students. In the present programme she is the scientific leader of WP3.

Thorolf Magnesen
Associate Professor at Department of Biology, University of Bergen. Thorolf Magnesen has background as a marine zooplankton ecologist and has been working on several biological and aquaculture aspects of bivalve production since 1990. His work has contributed significantly to the development of scallop aquaculture in Norway. He has been project leader of several past and present shellfish projects related to hatchery production, natural populations and market projects funded by the Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, regional County Councils and private industry, as well the EU. He is at present teaching at the Bachelor (environment and resources) and Master (shellfish aquaculture) levels.